Go beyond video conferencing, chat and shared documents. Bring focus and alignment to your online collaboration!

Your people, teams and leadership need to collaborate to be productive during social distancing. Let us show you how to succeed!

Bring your decision making and planning to the new era

Fingertip is a decision making and execution platform for the modern digital workforce. It drives accountability, collaboration and efficiency and creates an engaged culture.

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Used by organizations around the world

Fingertip offers a first aid kit for situational and strategic decision making during coronavirus crisis.

  • 90 days licenses – 100% free!
  • Licenses for up to 30 users
  • 2 x 1 h online trainings
    • Onboarding and basic usage
    • Crisis Plan template walkthrough
    • Decision making & implementation in remote work environment


First Aid Kit for 90 days -offer is valid for non-customers only. Offer is available until May 30th, 2020. Fingertip holds the right to change or revoke the limited time offer.

Full conditions and requirements

Fingertip launches a first-aid collaboration kit during the Corona crisis

* Fingertip Solution will be available free to non-customers for at least 90 days unless otherwise stated. After the 90-day free period, companies will have the option to purchase Fingertip or discontinue the use. * Fingertip Ltd is also offering 2 x 1,5h online training and user videos to successfully take Fingertip into use. Online support is available during office hours (9:30 -15:30 EET). * The last day to sign-up is May 30th, 2020.


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Thursday, April 2, 11:00 EEST

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Webinar: How Fingertip enables decision making and collaboration during the coronavirus crisis.

Challenges for organizations to adopt digital collaboration principles.

What do organizations need to understand, avoid, and do to not only survive digitization but successfully exploit its capabilities? Many people today see their own business digitization as a survival issue. The topic is at the top of the organization’s agenda, but far from everyone knows what it means in concrete terms.

Speaker: Andreas Markewärn, Digital Strategist

How Fingertip enables decision making, building resilience and establishes future ways of work.

Fingertip is a collaboration platform for leadership, critical thinking and decision making. We see it as an ongoing discipline that seeks to ensure employees work together focusing their efforts to make measurable decisions and contributions that drive the organization forward. During this Webinar Fingertip will showcase how they apply the philosophy on themselves to gain operational efficiency and progress.

Speaker: Jaakko Pellosniemi, Founder, CEO